The only way to speak a language

ijTalk Wants You To Talk In Another Language

ijTalk.com is a website designed to help people practice any language with real people for free! Do a language exchange with native speakers for free. Or, pay to practice with native speakers. Those are 3 huge points in our opinion.

You can choose what to learn based on category and levels from beginner to advanced. You don’t need to visit a country before you’ve learnt the language - or a classroom, for that matter! Our website is your classroom. You can practice in groups online, or earn money just by speaking your language and inviting friends to join ijTalk!

We offer as many opportunities and possibilities as possible to all those who get involved with our community. ijTalk is all about that bond between people who’ve come together from different cultures, different parts of the world and different backgrounds - all with the objective of trying to understand each other, learn from each other and make friends in the process.

There are massive benefits from coming over to ijTalk, whether you’re looking to learn or teach your native language! Either way, you’ve got the opportunity to learn, meet people and enrich your life culturally.

You can use ijTalk to talk with others from your computer or mobile phone, wherever you may be! You need no other software than a browser on some form of device. You call the shots - you choose the language, the topic to learn, and everything else. It’s all in your hands!

You can reach us by email at: support@ijTalk.com