Frequently asked questions

1. General

What is ijTalk ?

ijTalk is a real-time website that helps people practice any language by speaking with other language learners for free, including language exchange with native speakers, or by conversing directly with native speaking tutors for a small fee. The website allows subscribers with upgraded accounts to speak with a group of 3 instead of one to one if they wish. Native speakers can earn money by tutoring those that wish to learn a new language or practice skills they have gained in school.
Audio or video conferencing is available, depending on your preferences. One to one or one to many.

What is the difference between ijTalk and other language learning plateforms ?

The goal of ijTalk is to help language learner practice any language with real people to master communications skills. You can use our website to talk with others from your computer or mobile phone, wherever you are, no need to use skype or any other software, all you need is Google Chrome (preferred), Firefox or Opera browser. You need not worry about calculating spending or earnings if you use our system; our system is integrated, smooth, and well maintained to ensure everything works perfectly behind the scenes for you. You can choose the topic you would like to practice, your level and you are ready to go.

How can I start practicing using your platform ?

Just filter sessions and join the one you find interesting for your needs, or just open a new session, choose the topic you would like to practice and wait for others to join your session.

I have a problem with my browser ?

If you cannot connect or use your microphone or webcam, please ensure that you should use the latest versions of Google Chrome (preferred), Firefox, or Opera browser, also verify that JavaScript and cookies are enabled and you are not behind a VPN/Proxy. You may need clear your cache and reboot your computer after plugging your microphone or webcam.

How to allow camera and mic access in my browser?

After accepting the call, click the allow button (see next images):

1-Google Chrome:

Google Chrome browser


Firefox browser


Opera browser

If you have previously blocked access to your microphone and web cam, follow the steps below:

1-Google Chrome:

Google Chrome browser


Firefox browser


Opera browser

Can I change my personal information like name and email address ?

Once saved, you cannot change your name, country, native language, email address and other information. You cannot change your withdrawal option once entered. Please make sure to enter the correct data to avoid any future problems.

What are the differences between the accounts that you offer ?

Free account : You can open 1 to 1 free sessions, filter sessions, and talk using your microphone and webcam. You can buy credits and join paid session to talk with native speakers, and you can save favorite users or block others.

Gold account : In addition to the free account features, you can open paid sessions and start making money by helping others practice your language

Gold Plus account : In addition to the Gold account, you can open one to many paid session and double your earnings while paying reduced ijTalk fees (6% instead of 10% for Gold Account)

For more information, please go to our plans page.

Will I lose my current Gold account if I subscribe for Gold Plus account ?

No, the remaining days of your Gold account will be deferred after the end of your new Gold Plus account.

What payment methods do you accept ?

Currently we accept major credit/debit cards, PayPal, Amazon, Sofort, Giropay, iDeal, Alipay and bank transfers.

How can I block ads and manage email notifications ?

Go to profile to manage notifications.

How much does it cost to use ijTalk ?

Talking with other language learners or exchanging with native speakers is free, but if you like to practice with a native speaker this will cost starting at $1 per hour, depending on each native speaker’s rate.

What is the benefit of talking with native speaker and how ?

Practicing with native speakers will help you gain language mastery in real conversation scenarios. Native speakers will help with language specific idioms and appropriate word choices that cannot always be learned in a classroom or computer program. You have to have enough money to join a paid session.

What is a credit ?

Credit is the money you have in your available account. We charge your account in order for you to speak with native speakers (your account will only be charged if you join a paid session).

How Many Credits do I need to join a paid session ?

You must have enough credits for at least 5 minutes to join a paid session (For example, if the session fee is $5 / hour, you must have at least $ 0.25 to participate).

How to add a user to my favorite list ?

To add a user to your favorites, tap the heart icon and click continue button. You can manage favorite users in the "Favorite Users" page.

Is it possible to kick/block other users out of my session ?

Yes, in your session, click on the user and select kick or block button. You can manage blocked users in the "Blocked Users" page.
You can also block a user from the messages page.
You can also allow messages from favorite users only, you can do this in your profile.

What referral program do you offer ?

You can earn recurring payments up to 50% by taking advantage of our affiliate program. Please go the affiliate page for more details.

2. Earning money

What do I need to start earning by speaking my native language ?

You need at least a Gold account to start making money by helping others practice your language. For more information, please visit the plans page.

What are the ijTalk fees ?

The fees are applied to your earnings, and depends on your plan, 10% for Gold account, 6% for Gold Plus account. The fees are collected by ijTalk to support our systems and develop new features.

When will I get paid for my work ?

Earning/spending are calculated continuously and applied to your account within 60 seconds. However, funds will be available to withdraw after 30 days for the first $250 earned, 21 days for the next $250, and only 15 days afterwards.

What is the minimum amount to withdraw ?


What withdrawal methods are available ?

Withdrawals are available by:

  • Paysera (free)
  • Payza ($2 per withdrawal)
  • PayPal ($3 per withdrawal)
  • WebMoney (2% per withdrawal)
  • SEPA ($1 per withdrawal)
  • Bank transfer ($25 per withdrawal)

What are the safe minutes ?

In order to protect our clients and teachers, charges will be calculated once the client joins the session, but the system will only start charging the client after 30 seconds. The language tutor will start to receive payments after 3 minutes, including the 3 previous minutes earned. In short, the client will be charged after 30 seconds, if they leave before 30 seconds there is no charge to the learner’s account. If the learner leaves after 30 seconds, but before 3 minutes, the learner will be charged but the language teacher will not receive earnings. If the learner leaves after 3 minutes the client would be charged for the full minutes in session and the teacher will receive all earnings, including the 3 initial ‘safe’ minutes.

What is the minimum and maximum I can charge ?


How do I cancel my subscription or turn off auto renewal ?

When you upgrade your account to Gold or Gold Plus account, a new FastSpring account will be created for you, you can log in to your FastSpring account to manage/cancel your subscriptions or turn off auto renewal at any time.