Windows hello in windows 10

If your have any concern about computer security then you should try Windows hello. This amazing feature allows you to sign in and use your Windows 10 operating system instantly. Windows hello in Windows 10 works with special recognition system which reacts on your fingerprints or face. As soon as hello recognizes the user, you can start using your Windows 10 system. Thanks to the biometric system, Windows hello will make your life easier.

Where does Windows hello work?

Window hello in windows 10 requires certain conditions for work. It means that you have to purchase some devices which include Hello system as well as to provide a compatible computer. Today, you can use Windows hello in the following products: Surface Pro 4, The Surface book, Windows PC with a Real Sense camera as well as Windows PC with a fingerprint scanner. The system itself is confident and you can be sure about the security of bio-metrics logins.

There are users who try to connect an old computer to this technology, but it is not a good idea. You can not confide in old technology as hello will recognize it as incompatible. Consequently, you will not be able to use Windows Hello feature at all. It is better to know and to start smartly from the beginning.

Some users also wonder how does Windows hello work. Currently, the system reacts on the fingerprint of the user, facial appearance as well as on iris recognition. However, it is not all from Windows hello and we expect future upgrades. The same is confirmed by Windows so we wait that Windows hello includes more complex features. Some predictions say that the Windows Hello next generation will react on facial and iris at the same time. For something like this, we have to wait.

What do you need to start with Windows hello in windows 10

If you want to start today with Windows hello, here is what you need.

  • The first and foremost a right hardware
  • Windows 10 operating system which allows you to set Windows Hello in motion
Provided you have these things, you can start with Hello settings. It will take a short time and you will be enthusiastic about the opportunity.

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Brief guide on Windows Hello activation

In the next words, we will elaborate how to activate Windows Hello. Stay with us to find more information.

  1. The first step includes updating your computer. To ensure that your computer is fully updated you should go the Start menu and find the Settings option. Press the settings and continue with Update and Security option. Here you will find the option Windows Update. There you can see the button which allows automatic updates. If you have this button turned on, then your computer is updated. On contrary, you have to search for recent updates and install them. In the same option, you can see when your Windows 10 is last time updated. The importance of updates is essential as it allows Windows and Hello system to improve the features and its accuracy as well as to remove any bugs.
  2. The next step in installing Windows Hello software in Windows 10 is looking for the same feature. Now you should go on the start menu and press settings option. Press the button Account and proceed to Sign-in option. As soon as you press the button, you can see the Windows Hello option as well as the possibility to change password, login or PIN. On this place, you can manage Hello features on your own and begin when you are ready. Press Get Started to activate Hello feature.
  3. The following step is choosing your PIN. It is important for users who don't use the PIN to choose it immediately as Hello will remind you on it. However, mobile users are required to set PIN while computer users need the password to activate Hello in Windows 10. The significance of password lies in the possible malfunction of the bio-metrics system when you need to have access to your PC.
  4. As soon as you opted for a PIN, you should choose an appropriate bio-metrics. Currently, you can choose between fingerprints, facial or iris recognition. If you want to start Windows 10 with Hello system then you should know how it functions. Firstly, you need to scan your fingerprint if you choose fingerprint biometrics. On the other hand, iris recognition requires a specific camera option while facial recognition will seek more complex infrared camera. The option with iris is extremely popular on smartphones and you must try it. To date, you can only opt between two smartphone models if you want iris system. It includes Lumia 950 as well as 950 XL smartphone. As for Fingerprint option, it is more presented so you can easily find devices which support it. However, Windows 10 is here to explain possible options and it's up to you to choose what you prefer.
  5. The next step in activating Windows Hello in Windows 10 includes Running the scans. In this option, you need to fill your biometric data which allows Windows to create your bio-metric profile. In case you choose a fingerprint biometric, then you need to put your finger (or thumb) on the scanner and hold it. On the other hand, iris requires that you look in camera in front of you, while facial bio-metrics will require you to look at the computer screen for a while. Each information will be available on the screen so you can easily follow the instructions.
  6. The following step in Windows Hello activation is Finish and improve. If you are satisfied with the scanning results then you can save them and finish. Otherwise, there is an option for rescanning if you find the results as poor. If you want the better result, then we recommend you to repeat scanning several times to get the best result. With every new scan, you get more detailed information about your profile. For instance, you can do facial scanning twice, with and without glasses, to add more information to the system. When you want to finish the process press finish and log out to try Windows Hello immediately.

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This was the process which will allow you to take advantage of Windows Hello in Windows. By following certain steps you will be amazed by the opportunity.

Does Windows Hello have limitations

Many users are interested in computer sharing and they want to know how Windows Hello reacts on it. If you share your computer with someone, your colleague can also create a separate profile on Windows 10. It will not hinder you from using PINs or passwords so you don't have to worry. Other people on your computer can set their own bio-metrics and use it with their account. This separation is good if you share the computer with friends or relatives. However, it significantly reduces the security of your biometric system. It's up to you to decide in which form you will use Hello Windows option.

Data concern with Windows Hello in Windows 10

The vitaö problem with Windows Hello is security. When you activate Hello system there is a lot of information that you need to provide. Many users are worried about the security of their information and what will Windows do with all of them. On this topic you should know the following:

  • Hello option doesn't have a possibility to share the data about your face or to tell the others about your look. In addition, Microsoft is not able to replicate your face so you don't need to worry about that. We don't know what future brings in this sense.
  • Bio-metric information will not leave your PC. There is no possibility that Microsoft allows access to your fingerprints. On the other hand, Hello will share with Microsoft your login password and when you are using it. However, you don't need to worry about it, as it is far from breaching your security and stealing information.
  • There is no way that third parties access to your data. This is the official confirmation from Microsoft and we should believe it. To date, there is no legal way for accessing such information.
  • Windows don't keep the track of images, iris of your fingerprints so you can rest assured that you are protected.
  • Windows Hello creates only representation of your face, fingerprints or iris and not the whole image. It reminds of a graphic.
  • Finally, the only sort of information used by Windows Hello includes those about peoples׳ habits on Hello. It includes how people sign in, whether they use fingerprints, face or iris recognition and how it works in general. All the data are encrypted and you can be sure about safety.

Other features of Windows Hello

As for other potentials of Windows hello system, we can mention the following:
In case you forget to lock your computer or tablet device, Windows Hello will react immediately with help of your paired devices. Thanks to this option you can always be sure that your computer is secure in case you leave your space in hurry. Everything you need to do is to pair your phone with PC with Bluetooth and press the option Dynamic lock in Settings. As soon as you are away from the Bluetooth range, Hello windows will recognize it and look your paired computer or tablet.

How to use Windows hello in Windows ten

Once again we will remind you how to activate Windows Hello option on your computer. Go to the start menu and find settings option or search for it. Find Accounts button and then Sign-in options. Select Windows Hello to start and you are on the right way. In case you don't see Windows Hello option it is probably that your device doesn't support the system.

If you want to remove the option from your PC then you need to follow next steps:

  • Go to Settings
  • Press Accounts
  • Continue with Sign-in options
  • When you see Windows Hello press Remove

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How to use Dynamic lock system

If you are interested in Dynamic lock option. Here is the short guide how to use it:

  1. Go on start menu in Windows 10 operating system
  2. Select Settings
  3. Find Account option to proceed
  4. Press Sign-in option
  5. In Dynamic lock sector press, the option Allow Windows to detect when you are away and automatically lock the device

Finally, there are two ways to use a Dynamic lock. The first one includes Bluetooth which pairs your PC and phone. You can find more information about devices pair on Microsoft site. As soon as you pair your devices, take your phone and be sure that your computer will recognize when you are out. Thanks to the pair system, Dynamic lock reacts in a minute and locks your PC when you are away from the Bluetooth range. Another way to use Dynamic lock is Windows Hello companion app. With this app, you can easily configure Dynamic lock for higher safety. Find this app in the Windows store and enjoy its potentials.


In the end, we would like to make some observation about Windows Hello in Windows 10 operating system. Firstly, this bio-metrics system is a unique feature which provides you easy signing in various devices and apps in a comfortable way. At the same time, Windows Hello provides simplicity and security of millions of Windows 10 users. Not only it provides the rapid access to your account but also protects your information from the third parties. Many users are not familiar with this potent security feature so they don't use it very much. If you are one of them, this can be the wonderful opportunity for you to start now and experience the advantages. If you are satisfied with the feature share your experience with others and help Windows 10 to become the recognizable option.